Escape room 

Find grandma Afke's jewels

A historic escape room in a 150 year old stelp farm.


Search through the old farm for hints to open the code locks. This quest will lead you, if you do it right, to Beppe Afke's jewels. But watch out! The current resident Sieberen Storm can come home at any time.

Escape room

This activity is corona proof

+/- 2 hours

2-42 pers

€ 20.00 pp

The story of beppe Afke

Beppe Afke, together with pake Klaas and her two children Ifke and Hindrik, lived their entire life as a farming family on the old Frisian stelp farm on the Tjeukemeer in Delfstrahuizen.
Beppe Afke passed away after a long illness. In the last conversations the children have had with her, she increasingly talks about hidden jewelry in the farm. Ifke and Hindrik have often visited her in recent days to gather the latest information about the jewels.
Now there is a major additional problem. The farm was sold a month ago to a somewhat bizarre man who goes by the name Sieberen Storm. How do Ifke and Hindrik get into the farm and out with the jewels without Sieberen Storm discovering it?
  • Children 0-4 years free

  • Children 5-12 years old for half price

  • DEluxe variant: Start with coffee / tea and Frisian orange cake including a drink (€ 6.00)

  • This activity is suitable for: Team outings, Company outings, Family days and Group outings in Friesland.

  • Farm recreation is also accessible by boat.

  • View our brochure here

  • Farm recreation can be reached by public transport with line 48 between Heerenveen and Lemmer.

  • We can arrange an oldtimer bus for groups.

  • The escape room has a toilet

  • You can leave the escape room at any time

Useful information


Farm recreation is located in Friesland on the Tjeukemeer near the village of Delfstrahuizen and Echtenerbrug. It is located between Lemmer, Joure, Sneek and Heerenveen and is easy to reach.

Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Zwolle and Leeuwarden are within an hour's drive.

Address: Marwei 124 B 8508 RH Delfstrahuizen

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